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Formal education is our tool to elevate the people of my home village in Itoju, Africa. In a land rich with culture and resources, socio-economic challenges continue to undermine prosperity for most families and children.

Please take the journey through these pages to learn the history and impact of our mission in Tanzania. Through the generosity of a few, we have helped so many! I hope our story speaks to you, touches your heart, and draws you in to be a part of the solution.

The Children Outreach and Community Empowerment (COCE) project effectively addresses these challenges through Education and Empowerment.

The many lives that are being changed right now in my home village in Tanzania, are the direct result of charitable contributions.  Your dollars go a long way in Africa, so please consider donating today.  You can be the next person to change the life of a young child, his/her entire family, and a new generation!


Children Outreach and Community Empowerment (COCE)
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